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Ortigia’s Elegant Jasmine Perfume is Our Best Sellers!

Posted on 13.7.2019

The Scent of Sicilian Jasmine: White flowers of the noblest and most fragrant Jasmine Grandiflorium picked in the early morning when just open.


We have great news to Monies collectors and fans!

Posted on 02.6.2019

Mustahöyhen boutique’s online shop is offering nice selection of fashion line jewellery of this exciting danish high end avantgarde brand!

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Mustahöyhen is Ortigia’s Official Retailer in Finland!🍋🌿🥝☀️

Posted on 14.4.2019

We are proud to sell this exquisite Italian perfume brand inspired by the aesthetics, colours and scents of Italy’s most historic and tropical region. The perfumes are distilled from the flowers of Sicily by master perfumer, Lorenzo Villoresi.

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